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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Still a Bit Skeptical of the Classroom Face-to-Face Learning Experiences with Online Learning Experiences

Just take a look at these website, article and white papers and find out more about blended learning

AMA is a global, membership-based association that offers a full range of performance-based learning solutions to individuals, companies and even governments, worldwide.

Beyond the Talk About Blended Learning

Are you skeptical about blended learning? There has been a lot of talk about blending, and any topic that’s on everybody’s lips isn’t typically on mine...
In a white paper for the American Management Association titled “Blended Learning Opportunities,” (download the white paper below) Rebecca Vaughn Frazee and Allison Rossett wrote that blended learning integrates seemingly opposite approaches, such as formal and informal learning, face-to-face and online experiences, directed paths and reliance on self-direction, and digital references and collegial connections, in order to achieve individual and organizational goals.

New White Papers
Effectively Implementing a Blended Learning Approach
Eedo Knowledgeware’s white paper presents a comprehensive overview of blended learning, from theoretical framework to best practices, and provides a measured analysis of potential applications. It examines the reasons to adopt a blended learning approach and reviews the tools needed to implement it. An in-depth case study of AMA’s blended learning model illustrates the white paper’s findings.
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Blended Learning Opportunities
By Allison Rossett and Rebecca Vaughan Frazee, San Diego State University. Noted experts on blended learning, Dr. Allison Rossett and her colleague Rebecca Vaughan Frazee explore the common components of blended learning and how organizations are preparing to best use this new learning method.

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Learning and Teaching

The Department of Education and Training in New South Wales, Australia maintains a website on blended learning, with many "exemplars" on how it works.