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Monday, November 26, 2007

Moodle Teaching Techniques: Creative Ways to Use Moodle for Constructing Online Learning Solutions

I hope that you find this book useful and have a good time reading!

Moodle Teaching Techniques: Creative Ways to Use Moodle for Constructing Online Learning Solutions
By William Rice
Published on: 2007-09-20


This book for university teachers, professional educators, and corporate trainers is about applying teaching techniques through Moodle, the world's most popular online Learning Management System, covering creative uses of Moodle's standard features, workarounds for alternative solutions, when and how to apply different learning solutions that are based on proven, accepted instructional principles and traditional classroom activities: Distributed Practice, Self Monitoring, Pre-correction, and more.
The free, open-source Moodle LMS is designed to facilitate creating richly interactive online courses; with many screenshots this book shows how Moodle's many modules can be used to make courses unique, creating environments that motivate team work, where students get maximum benefit. The book assumes that readers have basic understanding of Moodle, but it does not need any programming knowledge; it is all about teaching and not programming and even experienced trainers will benefit from it.

About the author

William Rice is a software training professional who lives, works, and plays in the New York City. His indoor hobbies include writing books and spending way too much time reading sites like slashdot and 43folders. His outdoor hobbies include orienteering, rock climbing, and edible wild plants (a book on that is coming someday).
William is fascinated by the relationship between technology and society; how we create our tools, and how our tools in turn shape us. He is married to an incredible woman who encourages his writing pursuits, and has two amazing sons. He can be reached through his website at

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