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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Current Site and App of the Week - September 24, 2014

Current Site of the Week

Build learning networks with eduClipper 

Photo: eSchool News
eduClipper is born out of the educational need for teachers and students to have a better platform to explore, share, and contribute resources and materials to help enhance teaching and learning of both a formal and personal nature.

Founded by an educator and educational technologist, Adam Bellow, eduClipper aims to make it simple to help students and educators save time, build personal learning networks, and begin to shift the culture of assessment to be more holistic and include the wonderfully amazing work that students and teachers are creating in the classroom.

eduClipper has been built with special consideration for teachers, students, and schools, and is always open to ways that we can work to improve.
Create clips and organize them into clipboards that show off the great work you can do or resources others can learn from.

Using eduClipper’s groups feature, teachers can more easily differentiate instruction and send resources to a particular group of colleagues or students while providing others with different resources.

Groups of learners can also collaborate on eduClipboards together to create authentic groupwork or allow user-interest or need-based collaborations.

eduClipper makes it easy for teachers to create virtual classes for their students. These classes allow teachers to provide assignments, create differentiated groups, and so much more.
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Apps of the Week 
Interactive whiteboards for everyone 

Name: Conojo

What is it? Conojo is an innovative drawing tool that makes it easier to share ideas, images, notes, and any other visual manifestation you can think of.

Best for: Students and teachers
Price: $2.99
Requirements: iOS 7.0 or later

  • Narrate and record your in-app brainstorming sessions and export them to social media and email in seconds.
  • Work live with colleagues, classmates, or friends to freely coordinate and communicate.
  • Seamlessly share your designs with friends and colleagues via email, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and more.
  • Work with a multitude of helpful tools for free hand drawing or creating unique concept maps.
  • Type up notes with over 100 stylish fonts.
  • Effortlessly import and export project files, compatible with all major file types.
  • Learn more with our numerous Training Videos and ‘Learn How to Draw’ Videos for beginners.
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Source: eSchool News