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Friday, November 14, 2014

Experts See Traditional Campus, Online Education Mix Becoming the Norm

"When it comes to making higher education more affordable in the future, the question of whether to go to school online or to a traditional campus won’t be an either-or proposition—it will be a question of how much of which." continues Diverse: Issues In Higher Education.

Photo: Diverse: Issues In Higher Education

That was one of the major points made during a panel discussion on college access and affordability Thursday at a National Education Week “Thought Leader Summit” held at the National Press Club.
As competency-based credentials and online courses become more common on the landscape of higher education, students will have to decide whether football, fraternities and other things to be found on traditional campuses are worth thousands of dollars more than less costly alternatives, one of the panelists suggested.

“For traditional schools, the cost of those institutions is not going to change in the short term,” said Phil Bronner, CEO and co-founder of Quad Learning, a venture-backed startup that helps move high-performing students through community colleges into top tier colleges and universities, thereby lessening the overall cost of earning a four-year degree.
“Because of health care and other things, the price will go up,” Bronner said. “The only way a parent or a student can get a lower cost is to transfer in lower cost credits.”
Future students will continue to get degrees from traditional institutions, Bronner said, but those students will also spend less time at traditional institutions than before.

Source: Diverse: Issues In Higher Education