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Sunday, November 30, 2014

We Should be in a Golden Age for Math Education

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"How many of you out there think math is an important part of education? Also, how many of you really, truthfully enjoyed taking math courses in school?" summarizes for the National Edition.

The resounding response to the former is that math plays a crucial role in education, but the latter response would indicate that most of us didn’t enjoy our own mathematics education.

Taking the stage at Tech Cocktail Week, Stuart Gannes of MakerMedia stood in front of an owl sculpture, the symbol of learning, to talk about exactly that: learning. It all starts for Gannes at a simple place, the Twitter-sphere. If you look at Twitter feeds focused on algebra, or math, you’ll see that people think math sucks and makes our lives difficult.

Tech Cocktail Week Vegas | Stuart Gannes | 1.8.2014

Source: Tech Cocktail and Tech Cocktail Channel (YouTube)