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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nguyen living his dream as an SJCC teacher

"A college professor in mathematics can have a strong influence in the lives of students." continues City College Times.

Photo: City College Times

Vinh Kha Nguyen, who has taught math at San Jose City College for three years, is an active professor who helps students to become involved in learning math. His philosophy is to let his students lead the class and make them think and work with classmates.

Nguyen presents a problem to his students, gives them time to work it out, then he solves the problems on the board and explains how he solved them. He always asks if the students have any questions because he wants to make sure everyone understands the subject.

Nguyen’s students say he is a good teacher who cares about them.

“He is a friendly professor who is easy to approach and talk to,” student Merciful Sarin said.

Other students said he is strict in the way he grades their homework and tests.

Nguyen knows math is not a subject for everyone, not everyone wants to be a professor.

However, he always encourages students to become a teacher in math.

Teaching is one of the most important careers and teaching math in a community college is rewarding, Nguyen said.

He explains to his students the great things about being a professor in math. He said he feels proud to see young students learn all the rules in algebra and learn how to work in statistics.

“It takes time to prepare and master all theorems and rules,” he said.

Nguyen is not sure what exactly influenced him to become a teacher. As a young professor, he always has a great time finding solutions to math problems.

He said as a high school student he knew he wanted to interact with young kids and help them. His interest in teaching continued to grow through high school. One day one of his professors inspired him to follow his dream to become a teacher.

Nguyen has taught Calculus 071 and Statistics. He has been working for three years at SJCC.

Source: City College Times