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Monday, November 24, 2014

NoteBowl social learning platform revolutionizes online learning

"NoteBowl is a new and innovative learning management system that may replace Blackboard for connecting students and teachers." according to Emi Kamezaki, The State Press.
(Left) NoteBowl CEO and founder Andrew Chaifetz and Marketing Director Logan Stoneman pose outside their office at ASU SkySong in Scottsdale. NoteBowl is a Tucson based startup that provides universities with simple learning management system to connect students, professors and the campus community. 
Photo:The State Press

NoteBowl, a Tucson startup company, is looking to provide universities like ASU with a social learning environment to connect students, professors and the campus community.

Andrew Chaifetz, CEO and founder of NoteBowl, created the company after he felt dissatisfied with his own university’s learning management system.

“As a former student myself, I went through the daily struggles of needing to manage multiple platforms, organizing all my course calendars, searching through scattered information and trying to keep up with campus life,” he said. “NoteBowl is the first platform that puts it all into one place.”

NoteBowl is pilot testing its program at UA and is discussing a pilot with officials at ASU through the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative.

Chaifetz said NoteBowl hopes to start a pilot program that can both validate the 1.0 version of its classroom environment and help students and professors reach their full potential at ASU.

“Ultimately, our goal is to increase student success in and out of the classroom, which in turn can lead to better retention and a better overall student experience,” he said.

While Blackboard serves as the learning management system to supply the University’s basic needs, such as publishing grades and assignments, NoteBowl aims to incorporate many of the social networking tools that students already use for class work into one comprehensive platform.

By streamlining some of the features of Facebook and Blackboard, NoteBowl synchronizes students’ agendas with classroom assignments, as well as university and club events, in the hopes that this will increase student engagement and serve as a more efficient social learning platform as a whole.

NoteBowl’s many features work together with the goal of improving the classroom experience through creating a more efficient and effective organization, collaboration and course management.


Source: The State Press