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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Taking online learning from an alternative to a “must”

"Advocates say going online in higher-ed allows for educator collaboration, competitive advantage" according to an article in May edition 2015 of eCampus News. 


Until recently, online learning has been viewed as either solely for those interested in adult education or as a branding tactic for innovative institutions.
And though online learning is still one of the most accessible ways of providing quality postsecondary education to thse with diverse backgrounds and commitments, the popularity of blended learning models, and recent trends in cross-institutional collaboration, online learning is experiencing rapid implementation in today’s colleges and universities.

Here, eCampus News asked distinguished online learning advocates to give their thoughts on why it’s imperative to take higher education’s perception of online learning from an alternative to a “must.”

Source: eCampus News

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