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Monday, May 04, 2015

Yarmouth County Learning Network looking to increase awareness about its adult learning offerings

"The Yarmouth County Leaning Network isn’t a new kid on the block. And yet it still feels more awareness is needed about the programs and services it offers even though it has over 20 years of experience working with adults who want to upgrade their skills and education." continues Nova News Now.

Student Tracy Ropson and Yarmouth County Learning Network coordinator Juanita Bruneau sit in the foreground of a classroom at the learning network, located in Pier 1, with students Patricia Brittain and Shayne Farnsworth in the background. 
Photo: Nova News Now 

“That is our biggest challenge, lack of awareness,” says network coordinator Juanita Bruneau.

For instance, when the Tri-County Regional School Board approved a motion to discontinue an adult high program in Yarmouth at the end of this school year, the options of the Adult Learning Program at NSCC or returning to traditional high school were referred to as alternatives for displaced students. There was no mention of the Yarmouth County Learning Network as a possibility, even though it offers programs free of charge to adult learners 19 years and older at locations in Yarmouth, Barrington and Shelburne.

“I think the challenge is people think of NSCC and they offer an Adult Learning Program so that’s what comes to mind immediately,” Bruneau says. “It’s getting that awareness out about us too.”

They include a Level 1 and 2 Adult Learning Program, from which students can later transition into the Adult Learning Program (ALP) offered at NCSS. They offer help in literacy skills. Teachers coach students in reading, writing, math, science, social studies and computer skills. People can be matched one-on-one with tutors (incidentally, the learning network is always looking for more volunteers). The learning network also offers GED courses.

Source: Nova News Now 

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