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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

7 Tips To Turn Your eLearning Audience Into Lifelong Online Learners by Christopher Pappas

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"Casual online learners may be fully engaged in your eLearning course, but to truly make an impact you must be able to transform them into lifelong online learners." according to Christopher Pappas. 

In this article, I will share 7 tips to help you turn your eLearning audience into knowledge-thirsty lifelong online learners.  

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Lifelong online learners are committed to any learning opportunity. They strive to expand their understanding and become active participants in the process. For this very reason, it is always beneficial to convert your eLearning audience into dedicated and passionate lifelong online learners, regardless of the subject matter or the learning objectives of the eLearning course. The question remains: how do you achieve this in an eLearning environment? How do you leave your mark and encourage them to make the leap, so that they can broaden their educational horizons on an ongoing basis?

Encourage them to discover their own learning style.
Every member of your eLearning audience has their own learning needs and personal preferences. While some online learners retain information more effectively when it is in a visual format, others are auditory by nature and may prefer online lectures with audio presentations. Encouraging online learners to find their own style gives them the opportunity to discover what works best for them, and which learning approaches may not be the right match for their personal needs or preferences. Once they identify which learning style resonates with them, they can then choose eLearning activities and online exercises that offer them the most benefit.

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