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Monday, January 11, 2016

Course: Principles of Effective College Teaching

Take a closer look at this self-paced course taught by James M. Lang, PhD.

College Teaching 101 - Principles of Effective College Teaching

This online, on-demand course will give grad students, teaching assistants, and new faculty the information and confidence they need to be an effective college instructor. Learn how to effectively design a course, create exams, manage content, increase student engagement, deal with common classroom challenges, evaluate learning, and more.

Yet for all of the time scholars spend in the classroom and the library or at a desk and computer, they do not always learn much about teaching the material they have mastered.

That can be a challenge since almost all faculty, especially new faculty, are expected to teach. It doesn’t, however, have to be a problem.

Novice instructors and faculty can cover all the bases of effective teaching in one invaluable course.

Principles of Effective College Teaching is a new on-demand course from Magna, your trusted resource for professional development.  

This course touches on all aspects of college teaching. 

In essence, you will get a complete overview of the college teaching process and you will learn to:
  • Apply three key principles of human learning to course design and delivery
  • Develop course frameworks that foster intrinsic motivation
  • Articulate course learning objectives and construct assessments from those objectives
  • Plan varied class activities that engage students and promote active learning
  • Provide feedback that inspires learning growth
After completing Principles of Effective College Teaching, you will:
  • Know how to design courses and construct meaningful and effective learning objectives
  • Be able to identify opportunities for incorporating instructional technology, eliciting peer feedback, and adopting active learning strategies in your classroom
  • Recognize common warning signs that can lead to classroom problems—  before they get out of hand
  • Understand your role in motivating and engaging students, promoting deep learning, and guiding student development
  • Have the confidence and skills to control your classroom
  • Know where and how to seek information and resources when you run into challenges
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Source: Magna Publications

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