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Monday, January 18, 2016

How Much Training Your Employees Actually Want

Photo: Elena Prokopets
"Some days it easy to feel underappreciated. However according to a recent research conducted by Intercall last year employees are not tired of training. On the contrary, most respondents expressed their willingness to participate even in a larger number of programs this year." according to Elena Prokopets, Independant inbound marketing consultant with 5+ years in the industry, including coaching and developing e-learning courses.

Photo: TrainingZone (blog)

After surveying over 200 full-time employees, Intercall revealed that 2 out of 3 employees said that on-job trainings play an important role in their decision to stay with the company.  And in fact, 3 out of 4 employees have participated in at least one training program last year.

In fact, when it comes to younger employees (aged under 40), 69% of them claimed that job-related trainings played a vital role in their decision to stay at the current company, compared to the 59% of employees aged over 40.

Keith McNiven from Right Path Fitness commented on the feedback from his employees: “We are a rather small team, so gathering detailed feedback wasn’t a problem.  In 2015 I’ve organized 3 trainings for my employees – two in-person workshops and one online course for the customer support team, who telecommute.  The in-company survey said that 96% of participants enjoyed the online course more, rather than a classroom training session”.

The feedback McNiven got is rather similar to the results Intercall survey, which pinpointed that 1/3 of employees consider that the current training delivery methods are not an effective use of time.

Solution? Stop investing in expensive in-house, classroom trainings and opt for e-learning options.

Currently, 76% of trainings still occur as in-person workshops/classroom-style training, while interactive online courses were named as the delivering method by only 56% of respondents.
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Source: TrainingZone (blog)

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