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Friday, January 08, 2016

White paper - How to Solve K-12’s New Mobility Power Requirements

There’s no doubt that technology offers today’s students opportunities to learn new things in new ways and that learning is optimized when students have their own personal devices.

Download this white paper (PDF)

Bretford writes, "This white paper outlines how having more mobile devices requires advance planning for power use in addition to the pedagogical and infrastructure planning that schools already do." 

Since new types of learning rely on mobile devices both in and outside of traditional classrooms, extended device use can cause the problem of battery drain. While the average battery life for devices is increasing slowly, the use of mobile devices in all sorts of different educational settings is increasing exponentially.

Most classroom uses result in a steady drop in charge, and serious battery drains result from gaming, video streaming, and Web browsing. 
Download this white paper (PDF)

Source: Tech & Learning Resourses