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Monday, January 04, 2016

The seventh, annual, Top Ten E-learning Movers and Shakers lists by Bob Little

Photo: Bob Little
Bob Little summarizes, "This year, only the top spot in the Asia-Pacific list has changed hands, although each list sees movement in positional terms, with some new entries."

These ‘movers and shakers’ lists are compiled from a corporate online learning perspective, on the basis of a person’s perceived current influence on the online learning industry – as a practitioner, commentator, facilitator and/or thought leader. In such a highly subjective area, opinions will always differ – and it’s guaranteed that the judges’ decisions will not meet with universal acclaim – but these lists represent the views of a number of key people about the personalities who lead the corporate online learning world.

In an attempt to shed light on the judges’ thought processes as well as trying to identify some regional trends within the corporate e-learning sector, some of the lists this year include “judges’ remarks”.

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The seventh, annual, Top Ten E-learning Movers and Shakers lists  (Training Press Releases)

Many thanks again to Bob Little for being named in the "Top Ten" most influential people in the corporate e-learning sector "Europe List".

Source: Bob's Blog 

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