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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

4 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Machine Learning Project | Technology -

Companies can't turn a blind eye to machine learning anymore, as it is so powerful at certain tasks. Answer these four questions to understand whether your business needs machine learning, and, if so, how you can adopt this technology, as reports.

AI and machine learning are making a significant impact on multiple industries and changing the landscape of our society. These are not just hot trends; they are here to stay.

Still, machine learning is not a magical solution that applies to every single use case. So often companies embark on an AI development journey without a clear understanding of the value it should bring to their business. As a result, many data science and machine learning projects don’t have clear KPIs and simply drain R&D budgets.

That’s why managers have to ask themselves four key questions to justify the need for machine learning development.