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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Fordham University Launches Two New Online Graduate Degrees | eLearningInside News

Cait Etherington, writer and education/training consultant inform, "U.S.-based edtech company, 2U, partners with colleges and universities to build flexible and adaptable online courses."

On July 19th, 2U announced a new partnership with New York’s Fordham University. 2U will work with Fordham University to deliver two new online graduate degree programs. Law@Fordham will launch a Master of Studies in Law in Compliance, and Business@Fordham will launch a suite of specialized management and finance degrees.

The 2U-Fordham Partnership In a press release issued on July 19th, Fordham University Interim Provost Jonathan Crystal expressed enthusiasm for the new partnership and specifically, the partnership’s potential to extend Fordham University’s graduate-level education to a broader spectrum of students. “Fordham is pleased to be able to deliver its programs in compliance and business to professionals around the world via 2U,” says Provost Crystal, “We look forward to delivering top-notch academic programming to a broader, more diverse body of students via 2U’s online platform.”

Andrew Hermalyn, who serves as 2UGrad President, is also confident that the new partnership will help Fordham University realize its goal of reaching a broader demographic of students: “Based in the epicenter of U.S. business and commerce, Fordham Law and the Gabelli School of Business have unparalleled access and connections to leaders in these fields. Partnering with Fordham means we can extend this quality educational experience to students globally.”...

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Source: eLearningInside News