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Thursday, July 12, 2018

‘My Loopy’ robot ‘comes to Earth’ to teach children how to write computer code | Science - WHYY

Meet My Loopy, continues WHYY.
LocoRobo founder demonstrates new "My Loopy" robot

It’s a three-inch tall, green and blue robot, with a white dome on top of its head that lights up. It’s from the planet “Loopitron,” and it landed here to teach children as young as four-years-old how to write computer code.

Pramod Abichandani is the founder and CEO of LocoRobo Innovations Inc., the Philadelphia based robotics company that created My Loopy, which is expected to go on the market this fall.

Abichandani says it’s a social robot — think “Furby” — but there’s a key difference.

“We married that classic play pattern with modern technology and robotics intelligence or artificial intelligence,” Abichandani said.

Kids can use the app to program Loopy’s sensors to react to different actions, say different things or create new light patterns on its domed head. Children with more advanced skills can code Loopy using different programming languages, including Python, Java, and C++.
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Source: WHYY and WHYY News Channel (YouTube)