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Friday, July 27, 2018

New research highlights the “Knowing” and “Doing” digital gap | Digital - Prolific North

"A new study has highlighted big differences between knowing how to be digitally effective versus how UK businesses are actually approaching digital development" notes Stephen Chapman, Reporter at Prolific North.

Photo: Prolific North

It was commissioned by Manchester’s Code Computerlove and showed that there is a gap between businesses knowing what drives digital effectiveness and current digital practices.

Some of the findings:
  • 97% of the digital decision makers in UK businesses questioned believe that focusing on user needs leads to better outcomes
  • 97% agree cross-disciplinary teams drive the best results
  • 94% said that senior leadership support and buy-in is vital when creating digital products/experiences
  • 96% agree team learning and reflection is a necessity for digital transformation
  • 92% said long term versus short term goals are more likely to be more successful
  • 88% agree Agile approaches are more likely to be successful than traditional ones (e.g. waterfall)
These answers didn’t necessarily match the same respondents’ digital practice.

While 97% believed that user-centricity leads to better outcomes, only 65%  said that they put user needs at the heart of their development.

Again, while the same percentage supported cross-disciplinary teams, in reality just over 70% said they were actually doing this.

On team learning and reflection, the 96% “knowing” compared to just half of respondents “doing”.

This was replicated across the survey.

Source: Prolific North