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Friday, March 08, 2019

Chronic browsing saps study time for students | The Saturday Star - IOL

At two universities, students are losing sleep and studying less and the culprit is not hard partying - it’s internet addiction and it has researchers worried, as The Saturday Star reports.

Too much web time ruins students' study habits. 
A survey of 390 undergraduate students from the universities of Fort Hare and Nelson Mandela has revealed the impact the internet has on studying.

“These findings clearly suggest that the uncontrolled use of new media is a hazard and a potential danger to academic productivity,” wrote the authors.
Researchers drafted questions that asked how much and how often students used the internet.

What they found was that a third of the respondents used the internet for non-academic purposes for 10 hours or more a day...

When the researchers asked if the respondents slept less because of internet use, nearly half said they often did.

“Most of those late night logins and the negative effects come from social media use,” explained Salubi.

Source: The Saturday Star - IOL