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Friday, March 01, 2019

eLearning Provider eThink Education Offers Moodle and Totara Training in New eThink Academy | PR Web

eThink Education expands their Moodle and Totara training offerings to the public with eThink Academy, allowing users to choose from a variety of LMS training courses regardless of current LMS provider.

eThink Education, a full-service eLearning solution provider for the open-source Moodle and Totara Learning Management Systems, has expanded their training and product offerings with the launch of eThink Academy. Regardless of current eLearning provider, eThink Academy offers LMS training courses and packages to any eLearning manager, L&D professional, or LMS administrator.

eThink Education has long offered Moodle and Totara training to their client base, contracted institutions and organizations whom enjoy a fully-managed LMS support model for the open-source Moodle and Totara Learn platforms. This includes cloud-hosting, consultation, implementation, integration, consultation, management, and unlimited LMS support.

However, with the launch of eThink Academy, eThink has now expanded their training offerings and opened them to the general public. Now, any educator or learning professional - eThink client or not - can purchase and utilize eThink’s eLearning trainings to help them maximize the functionality, design, and effectiveness of their LMS and find solutions to meet their specific eLearning needs.

To learn more about eThink Academy and the training offerings available, please visit our eThink Academy page or contact eThink for more information.

Source: PR Web