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Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Employee development technology: staying ahead in the digital age | Develop - TrainingZone

Too many companies are merely paying lip service to employee development without properly investing. It’s time to truly invest or risk losing the best staff, observes Kenny Nicholl, General Manager, EMEA at Instructure, Instructure.

Photo: iStock/cnythz
More employees than ever value development opportunities as an intrinsic part of their job, yet three quarters of UK companies admit they don't have a learning culture.

We live in an age where our perceptions of workplace learning are rapidly changing.

If employee development was once considered a tick-box formality to be conducted by HR staff, this is no longer the case...

Bridging the gap 
Where does this disparity leave us? It’s clear that, employers need to bridge the gap between their continuing professional development (CPD) provision and what their employees are asking for.

Put simply, senior leadership teams, together with their HR teams, need to champion an employee development strategy that rides the digital wave currently coasting through our businesses...

Promoting continuous learning 
The benefits of having a true learning culture don’t stop here. Proactive workplace learning will also significantly improve staff retention.

Encouraging employees to capitalise on these flexible learning platforms will go a long way towards preventing workplace fatigue and ‘plateauing’.

Source: TrainingZone