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Monday, March 04, 2019

Here is a Colorful Math Problem That Took Decades to Solve | Videos - Interesting Engineering

The Four Color Map Theorem is a math problem that will have you seeing red if you do not know how to solve it. 

A Colorful Unsolved Problem - Numberphile 

Originally proposed in the 1850s, the Four-Color Map Problem, was definitely not a question that you ever wanted to see come across your desk during an exam. In short, the problem requires the brave to find the minimum number of different colors required to color a map such that no two adjacent regions are of the same color.

If you are lost, do not worry, it was not until 1976, with the use of a computer, were mathematicians able to solve this problem. In one of his latest youtube videos, the master of math problems Numberphile breaks down how to simply solve the problems. However, mathematical fun does not end there.
In the appropriately, titled video “A Colorful Unsolved Problem”,  the youtuber breaks down the math problem eloquently showcasing how to appropriately understand the math problem and what was needed to tackle the problem. 
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Source: Interesting Engineering and Numberphile Channel (YouTube)