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Friday, March 01, 2019

How is Online Learning Mightier than Traditional Learning 2019? | Education - Cape Cod Today

Matt Floate,Contributing author says, Freedom from "chalk and talk"...

Online learning has spread the wings of education and freed it from the ‘chalk and board’ environment of the traditional classrooms. In the recent decade, the academic realm is experiencing an internet revolution that indicates an enormous market for e-learning...

Online Education proves beneficial for the Teachers 
Online training programs are helping the teachers advancing their skills in curriculum implementation, education systems, policy, and leadership. The e-learning system can help them develop new skills in their students, with the help of interdisciplinary approaches and technology.

E-learning tools give them clear-cut feedback on how a student is engaging with the material.

Online programs also help the teachers creating a course shell like the following:
  • Give assessments to the students
  • Alert students of the due dates of the assignments
  • Deliver access to lecture notes, worksheet, practice tests, and other study material
  • Keep and give access to a drop box to the online class takers to submit assignments
  • Return the students their graded assignments incorporated instructor’s feedback
The Flexibility of scheduling an online class 
Many working students cannot go to university daily taking leave from office. E-learning is the only option without hampering their education trapped in the machinery work schedule. For them, online classes are the oasis in the desert that can contribute a lot in shining in their career.

The benefit of pursuing online learning is the flexibility and freedom in scheduling the classes without any problem. In traditional education, you have to attend the classes according to the institute’s schedule.

Some have also criticized the approach of traditional teaching because of the discomfort of the inferior students. The one-on-one teaching method of online learning brings comfort in teacher-student interaction.

Another thing, students registering their names for availing online education are mainly doing a job. Juggling up between job and study at a corresponding time puts a toll on them. That is why; they leave no stone unturned to take ‘pay someone to take my online class’ service. They can pay some experts to take online classes as their proxy.
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Source: Cape Cod Today