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Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Learning Online: Getting Down to BusinessLearning Online: Getting Down to Business | Trends - E-Commerce Times

"Online learning is growing and vibrant because it allows people around the world to access opportunities for growth and development that were previously inaccessible or unaffordable," said Abe Crystal, cofounder of the online learning platform Ruzuku.
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Online learning platforms have made the process of offering workshops, courses, and educational content of all kinds easier than ever. In addition to the growth of online learning in traditional educational spheres like colleges and universities, there's been growth in the business world. Companies and organizations increasingly have been using online learning platforms both to train employees and to educate customers and clients.

"It's democratizing access to learning just as search engines democratized access to factual information," he told the E-Commerce Times...

Benefits of Online Learning 
While it shares some characteristics with traditional classroom learning, online learning is unique in the way instructors and students interact and engage with each other and with the content.

"Online learning is vastly different than in-person learning, with the most obvious difference being engagement," said Ruzuku's Crystal. "It's much more difficult to maintain attention, focus and engagement online, and requires new approaches to course design and participant interaction."

One significant benefit of online learning -- both for instructors and students -- is that it's accessible to people around the world...

What Makes a Good Online Course 
It's important for online course designers to understand the capabilities of the platform they're using, and the ways they can shape and design their content to make it as engaging and effective as possible for their particular audiences and purposes.

"While Educadium and other LMS platforms have provided the tools to create more flexible, multifaceted courses for some time, digital course creators are catching up in terms of understanding how they can better engage with their students," said Nyland.

Source: E-Commerce Times