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Saturday, March 02, 2019

Online Degree In AI: What Does It Mean To Employers | Opinions - Analytics India Magazine

Srishti Deoras, currently works as Sr. Content Strategist for Analytics India Magazine observes, The developments in the field of data science and artificial intelligence are evolving at a rapid pace, and to keep up with the technological developments, professionals often resort to upskilling. 

But there are so many questions that come on the way — full time or part time, online or offline, short duration or long duration, private or government institutes, among several others. While we have earlier covered an article on how professionals like to prefer full-time courses over part-time, it is often debated as to what companies prefer.

There was a very interesting Twitter conversation in December last year, where a project manager from Google tweeted about someone who would not want to hire a person who is online educated in machine learning. It led to a thread of heated conversation on whether the statement made sense or not. 

While many believed that a strong educational background such as a degree in computer science, engineering or statistics is a must, others were of an opinion that these skills were acquired on the basis of practical engagements and not just attaining a degree.

What Do Companies Prefer — An Academic Or Online Degree? 
Many organisations that are looking for candidates in artificial intelligence roles at a senior level typically look for candidates that have a strong academic background in areas such as computer science or engineering from reputed universities such as MIT, IITs, Stanford and others...

Online Courses Are Offering Good Resources 
The institutes that are offering online courses is at an all-time high. MOOCs have become a trend these days and many renowned researchers such as Andrew Ng are opening their own AI institutes offering online courses for AI enthusiasts. In an earlier article, we had covered why business leaders should take this course, as it not only lays a better picture of the concepts but helps them make better judgements for better outcomes. The “AI for Everyone” project by Ng is one of the best online resources for deep learning enthusiasts. There are courses from top tier institutions such as Stanford, MIT, Columbia and others that are available online.
There are several other courses offered by global platforms such as Coursera and Udacity aimed at strengthening the ML community. There are several institutes in India such as UpGrad, Great Learning, TalentSprint, Jigsaw Academy, Manipal ProLearn, and others that are offering online courses with industry-relevant training to get into the AI industry. We had done ranking courses and training programmes in AI here

Source: Analytics India Magazine