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Saturday, March 02, 2019

Top Higher Ed IT Policy Issues, 2019 | EDUCAUSE Review

The EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues continue to highlight information security and data privacy, and the same holds for the EDUCAUSE Policy Team's top higher education IT policy issues for 2019. Network neutrality returns for 2019, as well, with digital accessibility joining the list for this year.

This year's Top 10 IT Issues highlight the ways in which institutions can orient the management and use of data to foster student success, explains Jarret Cummings, Senior Advisor for Policy and Government Relations at EDUCAUSE. 

This emphasis includes ensuring security and privacy as a cornerstone of the trust needed to realize the full potential of data-driven student success initiatives. Not coincidentally, security and privacy concerns currently dominate the national dialogue about IT policy. The question remains whether those concerns have reached the point that they can overcome barriers that have thus far prevented federal policy solutions. What doesn't happen on a major policy issue is often as important as what does, though, since it can set the stage for consensus to emerge. With that in mind, this year's top IT policy issues for higher education reflect two carryovers from 2018, as well as a new entry for 2019, all three of which are "continuing to evolve." (For more on these issues, please see "Looking Back and Looking Ahead: EDUCAUSE Policy Issues, 2018–2019" in the EDUCAUSE Review Policy Spotlight blog.)...

Unexpected developments could elevate even more issues to this list. For example, while prospects for Higher Education Act (HEA) reauthorization currently appear dim, the Senate education committee that must ultimately craft a working compromise reached an unanticipated bipartisan breakthrough on K–12 policy in the recent past.

Source: EDUCAUSE Review