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Friday, October 24, 2008

e-Learning Math!

Brain Power's math e-learning software allows teachers to create, share and edit calculation based e-learning modules in math. Brain Power Math is free for schools, colleges and universities worldwide.

Brain Power Math allows you to give your students additional support that helps them understand how to solve math problems.
It's an additional support to classroom activities and traditional class notes and textbooks. When your students attempt an assignment created by you they get instant feedback if they are correct or incorrect for each step of the calculation. This eliminates much of the frustration of attempting math assignments because the student can see exactly where they are making mistakes. By using Brain Power Math as part of your teaching you gain from the following.

  • Provide your students with additional interactive learning supports
  • Reinforce classroom learning
  • Helps improve mathematical performance of your students
  • Reduce student frustration when attempting a math assignment
  • Deliver 21st Century resources to your students
  • Easy "what you see is what you get" user interface
  • Share with other teachers in your school/school district or throughout the world
  • You have 100% control of the e-learning content provided to your students


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Source: Brain Power Ltd.