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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

eSchool Top News and Site of the Week Online

Here's what's new on eSchool News site today.

Partnership for 21st Century Skills broadens its reach through a new Professional Development Affiliate Program
By Meris Stansbury, Assistant Editor

Many educators agree that teaching 21st-century skills is critical for students' success in today's global, information-based economy, but not every educator knows how to integrate these skills successfully into the curriculum. Online tools and frameworks might help, but what's really needed to make this change is hands-on training and professional development.
Now, a new network of professional development experts aims to help fill this need.

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Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Handwriting gets lost in computer-dominated world

Computers might be the tool of the future, but penmanship is still an important skill, reports the News-Journal of northern Ohio. Because the Ohio Department of Education does not have any requirements regarding penmanship, how much teachers and students focus on it is left up to individual school districts.
A recent national study conducted through Vanderbilt University found that the number of students categorized by surveyed teachers as having a hard time learning to write increased from 12 percent to 23 percent. In another survey through the same university, 90 percent of teachers said they don't feel comfortable teaching handwriting.

Site of the Week

InfoSource offers free tech-literacy assessment

InfoSource Learning recently launched a free, online technology literacy assessment that tests K-12 students to determine their technological proficiency. The assessment is available free of charge to all school districts, state education departments, and educational organizations. "It is extremely important for all schools to measure and improve their students' use of technology," said Michael Werner, chief executive officer of InfoSource Learning, in a press release.

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