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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Research Report on How to Give Learners Feedback by Dr. Will Thalheimer

Dr. Will Thalheimer helps to understand, at the deepest levels, how feedback can work to support learning.

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Giving learners feedback is one of the most important things we do as learning professionals. Unfortunately, up to this point there has been no definitive research analysis, no clear recommendations for how to maximize learning outcomes with feedback.
And, there are far too many myths around how to give feedback, too many lost opportunities for learning.

About Will Thalheimer, PhD
Dr. Will Thalheimer is devoting his time to disseminating his research findings on learning-and-performance and applying what he's learned to help instructional designers, e-learning specialists, trainers, and performance consultants build more effective learning solutions.


Will has a unique combination of real-world experience and research savvy. He began working in the "training" field in 1985 and has since worked as an instructional designer, trainer, instructor, consultant, multimedia developer, and simulation architect. His clients have included Allen Interactions, Type A Learning Agency, Questionmark, Rockwell, PPG, Pfizer, ADP, Boeing, Raytheon, Nabisco, AMD, Kodak, IBM, AGFA, and the US Postal Service.
Will began his research efforts in 1990 at Columbia University's world-renowned Teachers College and has devoted the last eight years to understanding how research can improve the practice of learning and performance. Will has taught courses at Columbia, at Teachers College, at CUNY's Hunter College, and through the internet.


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