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Friday, October 31, 2008

University recognizes non-traditional students by Emily Wuchner

Nationwide, campuses are recognizing non-traditional students this week.

Dan Lavit, director of Distance Learning, said a growing number of students over the age of 50 are starting school. Right now, more than 20 percent of the student body is comprised of such students. "People return for a lot of different reasons," Lavit said. "We have a program built specifically for returning adults: Bachelor of Integrated Studies.

Non-traditional students have so much to add to a classroom because they have their life and experiences to add to classroom discussion. "Billie Burton, coordinator of Adult Outreach, said according to state law, anyone over the age of 65 can take classes for free. She also said many of these students attend one of Murray State's extended campuses."All these years, I've seen so many things to help non-traditional students like the Bachelor of Integrated Studies, like the extended campuses so they don't have to drive and we have online classes," Burton said.

The University is implementing a 12x12 initiative with hopes to increase enrollment to 12,000 students by 2012. Burton said a high number of the target students are non-traditional.

The Murray State News