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Sunday, October 05, 2008

The October issue of Educators' eZine is online!

Check out these interesting articles, appears in the October issue of Educators' eZine.

The Joy of Virtual Manipulatives
By Judy Donovan
Show kids how to run the numbers without expensive equipment.

What's Your Story?
By T&L Editors
Students use digital storytelling as a dynamic new writing tool.

Best Practice: How to Use a Document Camera
By Joe Frisk
One educator shows that these devices are more than just a new-age overhead projector.

Podcast 101
By Steven Katz
Read how this teacher put together his own new media broadcasts for class.

Students Become Animated, Drawing Connections to Lessons
By Colin Hussey
Fifth-grade students in Virginia learn complex science subjects like the periodic table thanks to animation software.

Thinking Thin
By Matt Brady
Thin clients allow teachers to spend more time with students and less time hovering over a faulty PC. Add to this benefit the reassurance that comes from knowing that students are protected from any unwanted applications or software, and thin clients get an "A."

Ten Techniques to Use in a Laptop-Based Classroom
By Laura Turner
This comprehensive article covers the how-tos of blogs, wikis, digital ink, tablet PCs, online learning, and much more. Many helpful links included.

Source: techLEARNING