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Sunday, January 16, 2011

50 Funniest Remarks Ever Written on

Erin Lenderts has been in touch to reminds us about this recently published article below.

OK. "Funniest" always has been and — until the advent of loyalty chips installed directly in the brain — always will be an incredibly subjective term. And with over 10 million comments to slog through, some of the ones that bust guts and transcend time and space with their epic hilarity may have gotten lost in the slew of tragically misspelled permutations of "WORST TEACHER EVAR!!" and "I HAD TO DO HOMEWORK AND READ BOOKS!! UGH!!" and "I guess those frowny-face reviews just don't like to study!"
Much like students and teachers themselves, they can't all be winners.

Some goodies, however, still managed to sneak on through. But that doesn't change the fact that colleges across the United States really need to start liberally handing out dictionaries and crack down even harder on the rampant, violent abuse of English grammar and spelling. Yikes.

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