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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whitepaper: Can Computers Motivate Students to Read?

Three thousand high school students drop out of school every day. The statistics are perilous. Teachers lack the abilities and tools to motivate students to become better readers and become more engaged in their content-area classes.

Teachers who want to motivate students to stay on task, increase their knowledge and skills, and improve their ability to process information must guide the initiation, direction, intensity and persistence of learning behavior. But how do we as educators do that? In this valuable and insightful free whitepaper, we discuss the five key factors that impact motivation: challenge, interest, level of concern, success, and reward.

About Quality Quinn
Quality Quinn is a senior advisor to CompassLearning, Inc., one of the nation’s leading providers of K–12 education software, where she works with the company on software development and key education initiatives and provides professional development services. In addition, Quinn is a noted author, international literacy expert and consultant who has received numerous awards for her work with beginning reading and assessment systems.
Quinn is also an advisor to the successful Texas Reading Initiative that has resulted in minority students attaining some of the highest gains in reading improvement in the country. In addition, through her own non-profit organization, Project EarlyWord, Quinn is leading a new bilingual initiative between Mexico and the United States. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from York College of Pennsylvania and a Master of Arts with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction from University of San Diego.

About CompassLearning
CompassLearning’s innovative educational software solutions support differentiated instruction, formative assessment, and targeted intervention.Aligned to state and national standards, our solutions reflect current and confirmed education research. Powerful curriculum, management, reporting, and assessment tools, combined with the highest-quality technical services and professional development, ensure student success.

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