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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Improving the E-learning Experience with web-based tool -

ShowDocument is a service which allows professionals, teachers and students to collaborate using a variety of tools such as whiteboard, a text editor and more. Files can be uploaded, edited and saved offline or on our secured storage system. Opening a session requires no installation, and can be done directly from the main site at

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In a White Paper (PDF) ShowDocument describes, "Learning is a deeply personal act that is facilitated when learning experiences are relevant, reliable,and engaging and different kinds of learning demand appropriate strategies, tools, and resources.

It is clear that a variety of technical and pedagogical features are vital when designing an effective e-learning platform. An e-learning platform should also allow students and teachers to communicate using text, voice and video; upload and co-edit text documents; and simultaneously view and annotate a wide range of computer files, including images, forms, video clips and web pages.

ShowDocument is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) e-learning application. ShowDocument provides students with advanced real-time communication and collaboration tools that enable them to initiate and participate in fully-synchronized ‘face-to-face’ online meetings with teachers.

ShowDocument is hosted on the Internet and accessed on demand - which requires no configuration or maintenance by technical personnel, and no purchase, download or installation, by e-learners and e-teachers. Created by HBR Labs, ShowDocument provides the opportunity to create an effective e-learning platform for a variety of educational communities. In sum, the ShowDocument e-learning platform takes a learning approach to e-learning.

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About ShowDocument
We specialize in providing free and low-cost online collaboration solutions, including document sharing, web meetings, and shared whiteboards. Meet your colleagues, clients and fellow students online with ShowDocument.
ShowDocument is a product of HBR Labs, a company that was founded in 2007 on the belief that in order for an interconnected world to work, people will need to use the web to meet and collaborate on projects.
And participating in a web meeting means more than just talking or listening in. It means working on files together, brain-storming withinteractive whiteboards, sharing documents and images, watching videos together, and a whole lot more.
One of the challenges of globalization is that it means people will access the web in many different types of environments. Students go online in coffee bars that tend to have unstable Internet connections. Corporate employees access the web from behind rigid firewalls. Many users will be prohibited by office policy (or by the age of their machine) from downloading plug-ins or software.
So HBR Labs set out to design a platform that eliminates all obstacles to online document sharing and collaboration. And that’s just what we did with ShowDocument (as well as with our sister product for corporations, VeriShow).
ShowDocument is a collaboration platform that lets you conduct web meetings with anyone anywhere anytime. All you need is a computer and a connection to the Internet. It’s quick and easy to use. Our business model is Freemium. We offerfree document sharing along with affordable feature-rich subscriptions. And ShowDocument requires no fussing with software or plug-ins to use. 

Source: ShowDocument