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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

eLearning Predictions for 2011 and Beyond by Jon Aleckson

Jon Aleckson, eLearning Teacher & Entrepreneur, writes at Managing eLearning, "This summer I attended the 2010 Distance Teaching and Learning Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.
Some very interesting topics came up in the facilitated Think Tanks, and I wanted to share some of the predictions that were developed from these active group discussions regarding where eLearning will go in the next ten years."

Technologies like the iPad, Android tablets and, of course smart phones, are creating what looks to be a bright future for eLearning, in general. Not only do these technologies allow for stronger opportunities for peer to peer learning (social learning) and better access to content, it also allows instructors to nudge learning along with calendar and assignment alerts. This increase in social networking will become a spearhead for increased collaboration and sharing, and also provide a way to bring together different sources of content and educational experiences in one single point of contact.

Below you will find a table that summarizes the different opportunities and challenges that were predicted to arise in the next ten years by the participants in the conference Think Tanks and by me.

Source: Managing eLearning