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Thursday, January 27, 2011

E-learning in Bangladesh by Nahid Akhter

The use of technology in the field of education is becoming indispensable worldwide. The effectiveness of using e-learning tools in the classroom has been studied and proved time and time again.

Photo: The Daily Star 
Studies suggest that effective learning occurs when the senses are stimulated. By stimulating the senses, especially the visual sense, learning can be enhanced. It is further suggested that if multiple senses are stimulated, greater learning takes place. Stimulation through the senses is achieved through a greater variety of colours, volume levels, strong statements, facts presented visually, use of a variety of techniques and media. What better way to tingle multiple senses of a student than using technology, especially information technology?

In Bangladesh, however, the use of internet among students is limited to social networking and entertainment. The reason being, lack of appropriate content from the field of education and absence of research based activities and assignments from schools. Inquisitive students often feel lost in the humongous sea of information available on the internet. If they could find something that was close to their school syllabus, they could find it useful and relevant to them.

The Daily Star and Team Creative have jointly launched the country's first assessment website for school students called to engage the Bangladeshi students in using the internet constructively and for education purposes. Russel T Ahmed, CEO of Team Creative says, “Our next generation -- our students will have to face the global competition eventually, since children of their generation in the developed countries are already using technology in their learning process. We need to prepare these students appropriately to face and come out successful in this competition.”

Source: The Daily Star