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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

COLUMN: Digital learning will ignite Jordan students' spark

"Digital learning will soon launch to ignite Jordan students’ sparks." continues SW News Media

Every question, query and curiosity about science, music and language arts can be accessed with a click of a mouse. Literally, the whole world of digital learning will open up on students’ laptops.

The Jordan School Board recently approved investing $360,000 in 1,200 Google Chromebooks for students to study on this fall. The district chose Chromebooks over iPads because of the full keyboard, Chrome Apps and the ability for students to use the innovative, interactive touchscreen as an interactive learning tool.

I am a proponent of digital learning because I have personally witnessed how digital learning has opened up a whole new world for my son Chase, who is 14 years old.

But I was not always a digital learning proponent. In fact, I was a doubter.

I recall when my son was in second grade and how he fell in love with music and was fascinated with the piano, keyboards and any percussion instrument he could get his hands on. We did not have a piano, but he was learning instruments and music in school from his wonderful music teacher. Six years ago, I found Chase playing the piano in his toy room on his home computer. I smiled with surprise and wonderment when he told me he simply searched online for a piano so he could play. This was the first time I realized the power of digital learning. My son wanted music and keyboards, so he searched online and found a virtual piano to play music.


Source: SW News Media