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Monday, May 25, 2015

What Gifted Kids Can Learn From Leonardo da Vinci by Steve Haberlin

Photo: Steve Haberlin
Blogger Steve Haberlin writes, "Before class, one of my third-grade students came to me and showed me a picture of a dog that she had drawn. I noticed that it looked very much like every other dog picture that she had drawn."

Portrait of Leonardo by Francesco Melzi
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Not wanting to discourage her creative spark, I gently told her that I liked it and that I noticed she had drawn the shape of the dog’s head in the very same manner in every picture. I asked her why she didn’t consider drawing a dog from different angles then proceeded to tell her how Leonardo da Vinci would draw objects, such as flowers, from multiple angles and perspectives.

She was familiar with da Vinci because just a few weeks earlier she completed a unit about the Italian Renaissance man, who some believe was the greatest genius of all time.

Da Vinci is a wonderful model for children, particularly gifted children who need encouragement in developing their talents and abilities.  He was much more than a brilliant painter and artist. He was an inventor, an architect, a military strategist, a musician, an equestrian, among other roles.  He demonstrated what the mind can do and the possibilities of human potential.

In particular, da Vinci offers the following lessons for the gifted:

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