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Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Free E-book- A Product of 15 Years of E-learning Excellence

What does it take to create the perfect eLearning course? How can you deliver wonderful experiences to your online learners? What are the aspects you need to focus on to develop a highly effective course that leaves your people spellbound? To find out, download the eBook 116 Proven E-learning Design and Development Tips below.

The eBook contains practical tips and tricks of the trade which help eLearning professionals make first-rate online courses and deploy them efficiently. It provides valuable insights into eLearning design, online course translations, rapid eLearning and mobile learning and helps the reader make the best use of an LMS. 

It enables you to do the following and much more.
  • Design captivating online courses that hook your learners to the screen
  • Render eLearning courses into the native languages of your people, efficiently and effectively
  • Leverage rapid eLearning to develop top-notch courses
  • Unleash the power of the mobile device to impart first-rate training
  • Make the best use of your LMS
Download the eBook Now!