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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Opinion: Diverse Research Crucial in Determining How Blended Learning Works

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor writes, "According to Michael B. Horn, founder and Executive Director of Education at the Clayon Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, using diverse methods of research to report findings on the effectiveness of blended learning is important to best understand how the complex mode of personalized learning works."

Horn first and foremost argues against focusing on the answer to the question "Does blended learning work," because he says the different implementations of blended learning will drastically effect the results each time.

"Equally important is defining what the problem is--and how to define success in solving that problem in concrete terms. Success metrics could range from whether students were proficient on a state test to whether all students attained mastery of a set of knowledge and skills to whether we were looking to boost engagement and intrinsic motivation," he said, according to the article.

Source: Education World