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Friday, May 29, 2015

Complimentary White Paper - Microlearning: When Less is More

This white paper is written for Human Resources and Training departments, who are now central to the digital transformation of their organizations.

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Challenged by the rapid developments in technology and the dramatic change in employees' habits and behaviors, HR and training managers must understand that they play a critical role in guiding and supporting their staff through the sociotechnological revolution facing their companies.

Clearly, the key to that is training. But what kind of training?

Corporate MOOCs, e-learning solutions... the "digitalization" of training is here to stay. But how this new "Connected Learner" behaves has yet to be fully understood - the one who wants to learn while he surfs online, who wants to find immediate answers to a Google search, who wants to have access to software and social networks on his PC, smartphone, and tablet... all without spending hours doing it.

Microlearning might be just the right answer.

Download this White Paper