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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Robots help Moore County students learn math, science and engineering

"Jameson Rembert knows exactly why he loves robots." according to Steve DeVane, Staff writer.

Sawyer Raines, left, Logan Lowney and Mason Patterson, from Sandhills Farm Life Elementary, program their robot on a laptop during the Robotics Showcase at Sandhills Farm Life Elementary School on Friday, May 22, 2015, in Carthage.
Photo: Fayetteville Observe

"They don't make mistakes," he said.

Jameson, a fifth-grader at Sandhills Farm Life Elementary School, was one of 76 elementary students taking part in the Moore County Schools Robotics Showcase on Friday.

Jameson, 11, and other students were on teams that had to program robots to go through various obstacles on foam boards set up on the gymnasium floor at the school. Based on the robot's performance, the students had to adjust the programming to make it complete the task.

"It's always you that makes the mistake," Jameson said. "You have to figure it out."

His team was one of six from Sandhills Farm Life school. Ten other teams also participated.

Corinne Walls and Lee Ann Holmes, digital integration facilitators for Moore County Schools, came up with the idea for the event.

Walls learned about robotics during a workshop at Appalachian State University three years ago. Holmes had participated in an event similar to the Robotics Showcase when she taught in Texas.

Working with robots helped the students learn about math, science and introductory engineering, said Bob Grimesey, superintendent of Moore County Schools. The showcase was not a competition, he said.

"Today is just our students presenting their work," Grimesey said.

Tyler Callahan, a digital integration facilitator for the school system, said the students had to learn how to work the robots and run the programming software.  

Source: Fayetteville Observe