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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

8 essential skills of the teacher of the future | BookWidgets Blog

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"Education is changing. And I’m glad about it. It took a while. And we’re still not there yet… So if education is changing, what is your plan? Are you just keeping it traditional? Or are you changing your teaching too?" argues Lucie Renard, Helping teachers create interactive lessons? Blogging, social media and marketing?

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I did some research to write this blog post about the teacher of the future. I have some bad news for you when you’re a traditional teacher. Forget about it. Forget ‘being traditional’. Forget the paper worksheets, the talkative teacher and the passive students. Forget the traditional desk work, the chalkboard and pencil sharpener.

There’s one thing you can’t forget, though: your passion! That’s something that won’t change in the future.

How to be the teacher of the future
So what does a teacher of the future really need to be like? What (new) skills will be crucial for the job? I picked out 8 skills any teacher will need in the future.

1. eTeacher 
Photo: BookWidgets Blog
The future of education will involve technology. And it won’t be just a little bit. Technology will take over your classroom. As a teacher, you should be prepared.

It makes no sense to ignore it. You will only fall behind even more. Be an eTeacher, an innovative clown, a technology junkie.

Be open to use, for example, social media like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Just in your classroom, for educational purposes, of course. Take a look at this post about social media in the classroom for more tips. The more you know about it, the safer it gets for the students. Today, students are always one step ahead when it comes to social media and technology. And they got no one to turn too if something goes wrong.

2. Paperless 
As technology takes over your classroom, it’s also getting rid of the papers. 
The paperless classroom will become the new traditional classroom.
Instead of keeping your administration somewhere between thousands of papers on your desk, store them safely on your computer. Instead of wasting at least 100 paper copies per day, provide the assignment by computer or tablet.
Learning management systems already use “paperless” to describe themselves. Now it’s your turn. What do you choose for your paperless classroom?

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