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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Top 3 gadgets for music lovers of 2017 | ABC2 News

If you've ever wanted to learn an instrument, but thought it would be too time consuming, hard or expensive to learn then this is the story for you. There are new products that will teach you those skills without having to pay a tutor. Donna Ruko has the top three you should check out.

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1.  The ONE Smart Piano 
This piano is so smart that it teaches you without sheet music. You just need and iPad and it shows you what notes to hit. Their app has thousands of songs and games to choose from to make learning fun. There's even a grand piano version with 88 keys and foot pedals. Pick one up for around $300.
Introducing The ONE Smart Piano that teaches you to play

Source: ABC2 News and The ONE Smart Piano Channel (YouTube)