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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Luther Burbank Center for the Arts on how children benefit from music and theater | North Bay Business Journal

"Did you or someone you love play music or perform in theater as a child?" continues North Bay Business Journal.

Photo: Will Bucquoy

If so, you know first hand about how music and the performing arts enrich the lives of children. It helps with their education and builds self-esteem.

However, some students, schools and families don’t have the means to participate in high-quality arts programs. For students and teachers in this situation, there are programs in the community that are here to help.

Before we discuss the programs offered, here are just a few of the things we know about the positive impacts of art and music in the classroom. Music, performing arts and visual arts can:
  • Contribute to higher test scores. Researchers are now linking involvement in the arts to better child development and higher student achievement.
  • Help build self-esteem. Participation in the arts allows them to grow their self-confidence, developing poise and learning to overcome anxieties.
  • Help children understand the multicultural world.
  • Help teach self-reliance and collaboration with others in order to reach a goal.
Art in the classroom is of huge importance in a child’s life, and Luther Burbank Center for the Arts is here for the North Bay community to provide all of the resources a school could need to achieve this.

The center’s Education Through the Arts programs are committed to offering teachers and students a variety of programs that support Common Core standards using the arts. The LBC uses the arts to teach core subject matter and enhance understanding and learning. It provides learning experiences that lead to greater academic achievement and the development of self-assurance, creativity and communication skills.

Education Through the Arts provides accessibility for all children, with more than half the students coming from low-to-moderate income families. This program serves Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake, Marin and Napa counties.

Studies show the arts encourage creativity, build community, and improve test scores. LBC’s distinguished education programs serve each and every grade level, while tying into curriculum and meeting Common Core Standards.

Source: North Bay Business Journal