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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bon Air Elementary demonstrates tech | Kokomo Tribune

Photo: Caele Pemberton
"The Kokomo School Corporation hosted a digital learning day, allowing parents and community members to tour Bon Air Elementary School to learn how students use technology to work through everyday projects." notes Caele Pemberton, covers education.

Photo: Kokomo Tribune

In one classroom, students worked on talking book reports. One student recorded herself talking about a Junie B. Jones book, which she could play for her teacher or classmates. Other students worked on a math app using their tablets.

In the music classroom, students used wires and robots to figure out how to play different nursery rhymes. One group used wires attached to a digital keypad to figure out how to play “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” The wires were attached to globs of playdough, and when they touched each glob, it corresponded with a different piano key.

The students worked together, humming the tune over and over again to figure out which globs to press. After several tries, they were able to figure out the correct sequence of keys to press.
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Source: Kokomo Tribune