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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Maropost Launches Da Vinci, Takes On Einstein | Email Marketing Daily

Photo: Jess Nelson

"Maropost Marketing Cloud announced its competitor to Salesforce’s Einstein on Tuesday, introducing Da Vinci artificial intelligence for the enterprise." inform Jess Nelson, writer and editor for MediaPost, where she covers email marketing, data and the marketing cloud industry.

Photo: MediaPost

Built entirely in-house and already integrated with Maropost’s marketing services, Da Vinci leverages machine-learning technology to better personalize and optimize marketing campaigns built in the Maropost Marketing Cloud.

The Maropost Marketing Cloud is a B2C marketing platform with a host of data-driven solutions across email marketing, Web, mobile and social media. Maropost’s email marketing platform includes triggered, segmented, targeted and automated workflow streams as well as transactional emails.

Maropost’s Marketing Cloud tracks user behavior across all channels, aggregating them into a single, unique and anonymous user profile. With data no longer siloed, Maropost customers can then leverage user profile details to learn more about what their individual customers like, dislike or are ambivalent toward. 

Armed with this data, Maropost’s Da Vinci then adds machine-learning algorithms into the mixture to help marketing and sales professionals determine the most relevant content and product recommendations that a consumer will be most interested in viewing.

"Leonardo da Vinci revolutionized art, mathematics, and engineering in the 15th century,” states Ross Andrew Paquette, CEO and chairman of Maropost. “We aim to do the same for the digital and marketing industries today.”

Source: MediaPost Communications