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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Foster student comprehension and retention in online and hybrid classrooms | Magna Publications

Discover simple but effective ways to add interactive elements to your online content that spur student comprehension and retention of the course material. 

Teachers in online or hybrid classes have found that the right kind of feedback delivered at the right time speeds up learning, that videos drive students to engage deeply with their coursework, and that interactive classes help students learn and retain course material longer.

For educators who want to ignite their students’ academic performance in online class settings, the tips and techniques explored in the Interactive Online Video 3 Pack from Magna Publications provides tools and strategies that you can use right away.
Photo: John Orlando
Dr. John Orlando of Northcentral University delivers three dynamic presentations filled with practical takeaways and concrete examples. The clear explanations and convenient 20-minute length of each video can fit into even the busiest schedule.
When you buy this series, you’ll get three timely presentations:
You’ll see the tools that Dr. Orlando himself uses to create videos and add interactive content. And you’ll discover ways to give feedback that facilitates learning and engagement.
Teach your courses more effectively and turn your students into sharper learners when you buy your video set today.
Source: Magna Publications