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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Suggested Books of the Week 43, 2017

Check out these books below by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, TradePub and Ancient Origins.


Effective Teaching and Successful Learning - Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice

Effective Teaching and Successful Learning
Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice
The overall aim of this reader-friendly book is to enable current and prospective teachers as well as other education professionals to improve practice, leading to more successful learning for all students. Drawing on her extensive experience as both a high school teacher and a university professor, Inez De Florio provides an evidence-informed and value-based approach to teaching and learning that takes the personality and the accountability of teaching professionals into account.

Students' needs and interests are the primary focus of an evidence-informed teaching model, MET (Model of Effective Teaching), which is described and exemplified in detail. In order to allow for informed decisions and suitable applications of the steps of the MET, the book provides, furthermore, a succinct and comprehensible introduction to the main features and types of educational research, especially newer findings of evidence-based education such as presented in John Hattie's research.
  • A succinct, comprehensible overview of newer research into education is given to enable teachers to better understand important research findings
  • The potential and pitfalls of different research designs are explained in order to aid teachers make informed decisions about what may work in their special context
  • A research-based model of effective teaching and successful learning (MET) is presented and described in detail to allow teachers to choose programs, strategies, and techniques that work best with their particular students

Learning to Teach in a New Era
Learning to Teach in a New Era
Learning to Teach in a New Era prepares preservice teachers to embrace the opportunities and meet the challenges of teaching in the twenty-first century...
Students will gain an understanding of the teaching profession and the policies and laws that govern it; develop practical skills in pedagogy, technology, curriculum, assessment and reporting, planning and classroom management; and learn vital skills in communication and ethical practice. Each printed text comes with a unique access code to the interactive ebook. Fully integrated with the print book, this enhanced version houses useful assessment tools such as questions and video resources.
  • Links closely to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) and the Australian Curriculum to prepare preservice teachers for the frameworks that will shape their teaching careers
  • Provides a comprehensive introduction to key content explored in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching qualifications
  • Access to the complementary interactive ebook is provided inside the front cover of the printed book, unlocking a generous pool of self-assessment tools such as questions and video resources

A Dictionary of Media and Communication 

A Dictionary of 
 Media and Communication
This new dictionary includes over 2,200 concise, accessible, and extensively cross-referenced entries for terms regularly encountered by students and professionals working within the diverse fields of media and communication studies, including advertising, digital culture, new media, telecommunications, and visual culture.
  • The most accessible and up-to-date dictionary of media and communication available, covering the impact of the latest developments in these fast moving fields
  • Over 2,200 clear, concise, and authoritative entries, extensively cross-referenced to help link concepts from different discourses
  • Wide-ranging coverage includes advertising, digital culture, new media, telecommunications, and visual culture
  • Entries cover all of the most important concepts, theories, technical terms and key topic areas likely to be encountered in media and communication studies and their related fields
  • Entry-level web links included in the dictionary and kept up-to-date via a companion web page
  • Biographical appendix included with weblinks to key people, as well as an appendix of further reading
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The Calculus Story 

The Calculus Story
Calculus is the mathematical method for the analysis of things that change, and since in the natural world we are surrounded by change, the development of calculus was a huge breakthrough in the history of mathematics. David Acheson charts the historical development of calculus and takes readers through the basic ideas, step by step.
  • Provides an engaging 'big picture' introduction to the nature and applications of calculus - a topic that many find daunting
  • Explains the basic ideas of calculus step by step, assuming very little prior mathematical knowledge
  • Incorporates a lively account of the characters and rivalries involved in its historical development
  • From the author of the bestselling 1089 and All That
Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers - Occupational Outlook

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Kindergarten and elementary school teachers teach basic subjects, such as math and reading.

Considering a career as a kindergarten or elementary school teacher?

These professionals teach young students basic academic skills, such as reading, writing and arithmetic, in order to prepare them for middle school and beyond. This guide provides all the necessary information and resources to get started. Find out everything you need to know about this occupation, including qualifications, pay and standard duties. 
The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution

The 10,000 Year Explosion:
How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution
Scientists have long believed that the “great leap forward” that occurred some 40,000 to 50,000 years ago in Europe marked end of significant biological evolution in humans. In this stunningly original account of our evolutionary history, top scholars Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending reject this conventional wisdom and reveal that the human species has undergone a storm of genetic change much more recently. Human evolution in fact accelerated after civilization arose, they contend, and these ongoing changes have played a pivotal role in human history. They argue that biology explains the expansion of the Indo-Europeans, the European conquest of the Americas, and European Jews' rise to intellectual prominence.
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Source: Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, TradePub and Ancient Origins