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Friday, April 05, 2019

8 of the best apps for beginner musicians – and where to download them | Discover Music - Classic FM

Helena Asprou, Content Editor, Classic FM at Global inform, From perfecting your piano skills and brushing up on your music theory to improving your vocal technique, here are some of the best apps for music students.
Piano - Keyboard with Magic Tiles Music Games. 
Photo: Gismart
For budding musicians, picking up a new instrument or understanding the basics of music theory can feel like a challenge.
But there's a new generation of apps out there designed to help both established and beginner musicians. Gismart is one of the companies that has created apps to meet this growing demand.

Lana Meisak, VP of marketing at Gismart, told Classic FM: “I believe the popularity and success of our music apps and games lie in combining three well-balanced core elements: music, gaming and education.

“Mobile music games will continue to be influenced by three significant trends: simplification, collaboration and tech innovations. Simplification will deliver more accessible experiences. These products will have better potential to appeal to mainstream audiences.”
But it's not just about people learning an instrument. As Lana explains, there's also potential for artists to reach a new audience through apps: “Artist collaborations will boost the growth of music gaming. Through gamified music-creation, artists can benefit from engaging with fans and promoting their music in a new way...

Orange Studios’ app Piano Kids - Music & Songs is aimed at introducing children to music and musical instruments for the first time: “[They can] learn to play fun songs, explore different sounds and develop their musical skills.

“It also offers a series of mini-games and activities that help to develop memory, concentration, imagination and creativity, as well as motor, intellectual, sensory and speech skills.”

So, here are 8 of the best music apps to help get you started. 

Source: Classic FM